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1 Sunray - Garage Door Window Set Clopay-A-GDW-SUN1-4PIECE

1 Sunray - Garage Door Window Set Clopay-A-GDW-SUN1-4PIECE
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1 Sunray - Garage Door Window Set Clopay-A-GDW-SUN1-4PIECE

Ex Tax: $62,712.49
  • Brand: Clopay
  • Model: Clopay-1-GDW-A-GDW-SUN1-4PIECE
  • Weight: 4.00lb
  • Dimensions: 2.00in x 16.00in x 21.00in
  • Location: Kingston


Sunray - Garage Door Window Set


Elevate the look of your garage door with the Sunray - Garage Door Window Set by Clopay. This stylish window set is designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garage, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home's exterior.

  • Designed specifically for garage doors
  • Sunray pattern for a modern and attractive look
  • Made from durable and weather-resistant materials
  • Easy installation process
  • Includes all necessary hardware

Enhance the curb appeal of your home:

  • Adds a decorative element to your garage door
  • Instantly upgrades the overall appearance of your property
  • Creates a welcoming and stylish entrance to your home

Why choose the Sunray - Garage Door Window Set?

  • High-quality construction ensures long-lasting performance
  • Customizable design to suit your personal style
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Transforms your garage into a focal point of your exterior

With its elegant Sunray design, easy installation process, and numerous benefits, the Sunray - Garage Door Window Set is a must-buy item for anyone looking to enhance the beauty and charm of their home's garage door. Upgrade your garage today and make a lasting impression with this exceptional window set.


Country of originAmerica
Technical Details
Door SizeCustom Window
MaterialSingle Pane Glass
Windows style4 Piece Sunray
Glass typeClear Glass
Windows PlacementTop Section
Window sizeMedium Window
Security featuresNone
Dimension2 x 20 x 12
Warranty summaryup to 5yrs


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