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10 kW Solar Power System Carisol-

10 kW Solar Power System Carisol-
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10 kW Solar Power System Carisol-

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  • Brand: Carisol
  • Model: Carisol-SPS-


10 kW Solar Power System MegaWatt Surge - Pre-Packaged Kit with Installation by Carisol


Introducing the 10 kW Solar Power System MegaWatt Surge, a high-performance solution from Carisol for sustainable energy production. This pre-packaged kit includes professional installation, ensuring a seamless transition to clean, renewable power.

  • 10 kW solar power capacity
  • Complete pre-packaged kit
  • Professional installation included
  • MegaWatt Surge technology for optimized energy production
  • Durable and reliable components

The MegaWatt Surge offers:

  • Reduced reliance on traditional energy sources
  • Lower energy bills over time
  • Decreased carbon footprint
  • Enhanced property value
  • Promotion of eco-friendly living

The MegaWatt Surge provides:

  • Expert installation ensures optimal performance
  • Efficient energy production with MegaWatt Surge technology
  • Reliable and durable components for long-term reliability
  • Customized solution tailored to your energy needs

With its advanced features, numerous benefits, and professional installation, the 10 kW Solar Power System MegaWatt Surge is a must-buy for those seeking to embrace clean, renewable energy solutions.


Country of originChina
Technical Details
PurposeResidential and Commercial
Input voltage48
DesignExpandable and Modular
Energy kWh/day50
Type10 kW
Energy kWh/mth1525
Features"Product Overview: Solar Kit with Installation Introducing our high-capacity Hybrid Grid Interactive Solar Kit, meticulously engineered to meet the substantial energy demands of both residential and commercial properties. This comprehensive solution seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with straightforward installation for reliable renewable energy. Specifications: Energy Output: Generates up to 10 kW per day, totaling 1525 kWh per month Inverter: Single 12 kW inverter with 110/220Vac 50Hz output for efficient energy conversion Battery: Features a robust 15 kW Lithium battery operating at 48 volts, ensuring ample energy storage capacity Solar Panels: Equipped with 18 high-efficiency Mono-Crystalline panels, each producing 550 W for optimal energy generation Connectivity: Includes Wi-Fi and smartphone monitoring for convenient energy tracking and management Design and Installation: Features an expandable, modular design with inclusive installation services for hassle-free setup Certifications: Meets industry standards such as GEI, BSJ, OUR Approved Standard System, DBJ, Exim, COK, BNS, NCB, JN, and AFI's Eligible System, ensuring reliability and safety Purpose: Suitable for a diverse range of applications, serving both residential and commercial energy needs Warranty: Backed by a 5-year warranty for peace of mind and assurance of quality craftsmanship and performance Conclusion: Upgrade to our high-capacity Hybrid Grid Interactive Solar Kit and unlock a reliable, sustainable energy solution for your residential or commercial property. With advanced features and easy installation, embrace renewable energy while reducing costs and environmental impact, contributing to a more sustainable future for your energy needs."
Battery voltage48
Number of Inverters1
OptionHybrid Grid Interactive
Battery Type SupportedLithium Battery
Inverter Size12 kW
Battery capacity15 kW
Inverter Output Voltage110 / 220Vac 50Hz
ConnectivityWi-fi Smart Phone Monitoring Included
Number of Solar Panels18
Solar Panel TypeMono-Cyrstalline
Solar Panel Wattage550 W
CertificationGEI, BSJ, OUR Approved Standard System, DBJ, Exim, COK, BNS, NCB, JN and AFI's Eligible System
Size10 kW
Warranty description5yrs


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