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1250w Steam Iron Oster-GCSTB-5001

1250w Steam Iron Oster-GCSTB-5001
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1250w Steam Iron Oster-GCSTB-5001

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  • Brand: Oster
  • Model: Oster--GCSTB-5001
  • Weight: 2.50lb
  • Dimensions: 10.00in x 4.80in x 5.00in
  • SKU: SaHS-ALaC-GCSTB-5001
  • Location: Kingston


1250w Steam Iron


The 1250w Steam Iron by Oster, model GCSTB-5001, is a high-quality iron designed to make your ironing experience efficient and effective. With its powerful steam technology and user-friendly features, it ensures crisp and wrinkle-free results.

  • 1250 watts of power for quick heating and optimal performance
  • Steam function for effective wrinkle removal
  • Non-stick soleplate for smooth gliding over fabrics
  • Variable temperature control for different fabric types
  • Vertical steaming option for hanging garments
  • Self-cleaning system for easy maintenance
  • Anti-drip feature to prevent water stains on garments
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip
  • Long cord for convenient maneuverability
  • Efficient and quick ironing, saving you time and effort
  • Steam function removes tough wrinkles with ease
  • Non-stick soleplate protects your clothes from sticking and damage
  • Customizable temperature control ensures safe ironing on various fabrics
  • Vertical steaming option refreshes hanging garments without taking them down
  • Self-cleaning system maintains the iron's performance and longevity
  • Anti-drip feature prevents water spots on your clothes
  • Comfortable grip and long cord offer ease of use
  • Effortlessly achieve professional-looking results at home
  • Save money on dry cleaning expenses
  • Enjoy the convenience of wrinkle-free clothes
  • Handle a variety of fabrics with ease and confidence
  • Keep your garments fresh and presentable with vertical steaming
  • Maintain the iron's performance and extend its lifespan with self-cleaning
  • Prevent water stains and protect your clothes
  • Experience comfortable and hassle-free ironing

The 1250w Steam Iron by Oster, model GCSTB-5001, is a must-buy item for anyone seeking efficient and effective ironing. Its powerful steam technology, user-friendly features, and exceptional performance make it an essential tool for achieving wrinkle-free clothes with ease. Shop online, compare and save today!


Country of originChina
Technical Details
TemperatureTemperature Control
TypeNon-stick Compact Stick Iron
Dimension12.2 x 11.4 x 24.5cm
Warranty descriptionupto 6 months


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