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2 Channel Remote Control Proteco-PROT-GP-RE

2 Channel Remote Control Proteco-PROT-GP-RE
2 Channel Remote Control Proteco-PROT-GP-RE

Ex Tax: $13,620.00
  • Brand: Proteco
  • Model: Proteco-RC-PROT-GP-RE
  • Weight: 3.30oz
  • Dimensions: 2.00in x 2.00in x 2.00in

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2 Channel Remote Control - Proteco-PROT-GP-RE



** The Proteco-PROT-GP-RE is a versatile two-channel remote control designed to provide convenient and reliable operation of your gate automation system. With its user-friendly design and advanced features, this remote control offers seamless access control for your property.**


** - **Two-Channel Operation:** The Proteco-PROT-GP-RE remote control features two channels, allowing you to control two separate gates or functions with a single remote, providing enhanced convenience and versatility. - **Secure Encryption:** Utilizing advanced encryption technology, the remote control ensures secure transmission of signals, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or interference. - **Long Range:** With a long transmission range, the remote control allows you to operate your gate from a distance, providing flexibility and convenience, particularly when entering or leaving your property. - **Water-Resistant Design:** The remote control is designed to withstand outdoor conditions, with a water-resistant housing that protects it from moisture and environmental factors, ensuring durability and reliability. - **Easy Programming:** The remote control is easy to program and synchronize with your gate automation system, allowing for quick and hassle-free setup.**


** - **Convenient Operation:** With the Proteco-PROT-GP-RE remote control, you can conveniently open and close your gate with the press of a button, saving time and effort. - **Enhanced Security:** The secure encryption technology ensures that only authorized users can access your gate, reducing the risk of unauthorized entry or tampering. - **Versatile Use:** The two-channel operation allows you to control multiple gates or functions with a single remote control, providing flexibility and convenience for different access points or features. - **Durable Construction:** The water-resistant design of the remote control ensures durability and reliability, even in outdoor environments with exposure to moisture and harsh weather conditions. - **User-Friendly Design:** The remote control features a user-friendly design with intuitive buttons and controls, making it easy to use for users of all ages.**


** The Proteco-PROT-GP-RE two-channel remote control offers convenient and reliable operation of your gate automation system. With its advanced features, long-range transmission, and durable construction, this remote control provides enhanced accessibility and security for your property. Invest in the Proteco-PROT-GP-RE remote control for effortless gate operation and peace of mind.




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