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3 pin Male Plug Carisol-Electrical MP

3 pin Male Plug Carisol-Electrical MP
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3 pin Male Plug Carisol-Electrical MP

Ex Tax: $847.54
  • Brand: Carisol
  • Model: Carisol-3MPCM-Electrical MP
  • Weight: 0.22lb
  • Dimensions: 0.39in x 0.39in x 0.39in
  • SKU: SAHS-LaE-EPaS-Electrical MP
  • Location: Kingston


3 Pin Male Plug for Electrical Applications


Introducing the 3 Pin Male Plug, a versatile solution designed for use in various electrical applications.

  • 3 pin configuration for compatibility with standard connections
  • Suitable for various electrical applications
  • Provides reliable and secure electrical connections
  • Offers versatility for different electrical projects
  • Facilitates easy and secure electrical connections
  • Enhances the functionality of electrical systems
  • Trusted choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts
  • Robust construction ensures durability
  • User-friendly design simplifies installation
  • Trusted by electricians and contractors
  • Reliable performance in various applications

Elevate your electrical projects with the versatility and reliability of the 3 Pin Male Plug. Designed for use in a range of applications, this male plug is an essential component for establishing secure and efficient electrical connections.


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