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8-Channel HD Network Video Recorder Veilux-VX-NVR-8

8-Channel HD Network Video Recorder Veilux-VX-NVR-8
8-Channel HD Network Video Recorder Veilux-VX-NVR-8

Ex Tax: $30,584.25
  • Brand: Veilux
  • Model: Veilux-HNVR-VX-NVR-8
  • Weight: 5.00lb
  • Dimensions: 372.00mm x 44.45mm x 305.00mm

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8-Channel HD Network Video Recorder - Veilux-VX-NVR-8



** Upgrade your surveillance system with the Veilux-VX-NVR-8, an advanced 8-Channel HD Network Video Recorder. Designed to provide reliable and high-quality video recording capabilities, this NVR offers advanced features and seamless integration with your security cameras for comprehensive monitoring and surveillance.**


** - **8-Channel Recording:** The Veilux-VX-NVR-8 supports up to 8 channels of high-definition video recording, allowing you to connect multiple cameras for comprehensive surveillance coverage. - **HD Video Quality:** Enjoy crystal-clear video quality with support for high-definition (HD) resolution, ensuring sharp and detailed footage for enhanced surveillance. - **Standalone Operation:** This network video recorder operates independently, offering standalone functionality without the need for additional hardware or software, simplifying installation and maintenance. - **Remote Viewing:** Access your surveillance footage remotely from anywhere with an internet connection, using compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computers, for convenient monitoring on-the-go. - **Advanced Recording Options:** The NVR offers a range of recording options, including continuous, scheduled, and motion-activated recording, allowing you to customize your surveillance settings based on your specific security needs.**


** - **Comprehensive Surveillance:** With support for up to 8 channels of video recording, the Veilux-VX-NVR-8 provides comprehensive surveillance coverage for your property, ensuring peace of mind and enhanced security. - **High-Quality Video:** Capture clear and detailed video footage in high-definition resolution, enabling you to monitor activities with precision and accuracy. - **Easy Installation:** The standalone operation and user-friendly interface make installation and setup straightforward, allowing for quick deployment of your surveillance system. - **Remote Accessibility:** Stay connected to your surveillance system at all times, with the ability to remotely view live or recorded footage from anywhere, providing flexibility and convenience in monitoring your property. - **Customizable Recording:** Tailor your recording settings to suit your specific security requirements, with flexible options for continuous recording, scheduled recording, or motion-activated recording, optimizing storage space and capturing relevant events.**


** The Veilux-VX-NVR-8 8-Channel HD Standalone Network Video Recorder offers advanced surveillance capabilities for your security needs. With support for high-definition video recording, standalone operation, remote accessibility, and customizable recording options, this NVR provides reliable and efficient surveillance solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Upgrade to the Veilux-VX-NVR-8 for enhanced security and peace of mind.


Technical Details
Type8 Channel Recording full HD 1080P Real-time
Control method mouse control


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