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Deadlatch lock Carisol-DL-Carisol

Deadlatch lock Carisol-DL-Carisol
Deadlatch lock Carisol-DL-Carisol

Ex Tax: $9,142.50
  • Brand: Carisol
  • Model: Carisol-Dl-DL-Carisol
  • Weight: 1.10lb
  • Dimensions: 9.00in x 6.00in x 3.00in
  • SKU: HAS-ACS-DL-DL-Carisol

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Deadlatch Lock - Carisol-DL-Carisol



** Upgrade your security system with the Carisol-DL-Carisol, a reliable 1/2 inch Deadlatch Lock designed to enhance the safety of your doors. This deadlatch lock offers a combination of durability, security, and ease of use, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications.**


** - **1/2 Inch Deadlatch:** The Carisol-DL-Carisol features a 1/2 inch deadlatch, providing secure locking for your doors while ensuring smooth operation and minimal resistance during opening and closing. - **Durable Construction:** Constructed from high-quality materials, this deadlatch lock is built to withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. - **Versatile Compatibility:** Compatible with standard door preparations, the Carisol-DL-Carisol can be easily installed on a variety of door types, including wood, metal, and composite materials. - **Keyed Entry:** Equipped with keyed entry functionality, this deadlatch lock offers added security, allowing for key-based access control to your property.**


** - **Enhanced Security:** The Carisol-DL-Carisol provides reliable security for your doors, offering peace of mind against unauthorized entry and intrusions. - **Smooth Operation:** Enjoy smooth and effortless operation with the 1/2 inch deadlatch, ensuring convenient access to your property without sacrificing security. - **Durable Performance:** Built to last, this deadlatch lock withstands the test of time, maintaining its functionality and security features even under demanding conditions. - **Easy Installation:** With its versatile compatibility and straightforward installation process, the Carisol-DL-Carisol can be quickly installed by professionals or DIY enthusiasts, minimizing installation time and effort.**


** The Carisol-DL-Carisol 1/2 Inch Deadlatch Lock is a reliable and versatile solution for securing your doors. With its durable construction, smooth operation, and enhanced security features, this deadlatch lock offers peace of mind and convenience for residential and commercial applications alike. Upgrade to the Carisol-DL-Carisol for dependable security and ease of use in your property's entryways.




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